Equality & Community

Creating an inclusive and diverse space while supporting causes that matter.



donated to charity every year


donated to charity every year




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100% managers trained on



Managers trained on
Inclusive Management each year


Thanks to you, we have the opportunity to support communities, causes and charities that resonate with our Equality & Community initiatives. We partner with causes that support the mind, the body, equality and the environment.

Since 2020, we’ve donated $1,130,000 USD to our charity partners. We’re committed to donating a further $500,000 USD to these causes each year.

Plus, we have the platform to highlight the importance of representation and diversity within the fashion industry; a responsibility that we don’t take lightly. Providing support to charities and making sure our marketing is representative of all people, helps us ensure that diversity, inclusion and belonging is at the center of everything we do.


Anybody and everybody is welcome at Princess Polly, and it’s important that our brand reflects this. A step towards this goal is the launch of Princess Polly Curve with extended size options, as well as Princess Polly Tall & Petite.

We will continue to add more inclusive products as we actively listen and respond to our customers’ needs. But, it’s not just about what options are available, it’s also about how we show them. We are constantly looking for ways to expand and improve representation within our branding and content.

As a business, we also perform internal assessments to identify any opportunities or barriers to inclusion and have implemented a Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging strategy to address any gaps. Our leaders undergo inclusive leadership training, and we have also formed an employee based Diversity and Inclusion Committee to help us create more amazing team experiences and employment opportunities in the years to come.


Want to know what causes we’re loving and how the Princess Polly team has been able to help? Let’s take a peek at what we accomplished last year.

In 2022 we:

  • Donated $500,000 USD in total to our charity partners (which we will continue to do every year)
  • Spent nearly 500 hours volunteering with Thread Together and Stepping Stone House
  • Gave away over 150,000 products to our partners Thread Together, AWLQ, Union Rescue Mission and Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

But it’s not just us that put in all the hard work, it’s you. Our donation feature at checkout allows you to donate directly to these causes yourself (watch out, good karma coming your way). Since 2021, you’ve fundraised over $105,000 for our partners, including Lonely Whale, Butterfly Foundation and the Loveland Foundation.


Lonely Whale has a unique approach to marine conservation using impact campaigning and scalable solutions to make real change. We are working together to extend the Ocean Heroes program which supports youth activists from across the globe in building successful impact campaign strategies.

Butterfly Foundation’s mission is to change the experience of eating disorders: save lives, minimise incidence and impacts, improve quality of life, and make recovery a reality. We’re proud to work together on Wandi Nerida (Australia’s first residential recovery centre for people affected by an eating disorder) and body dissatisfaction education services

The Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls. They prioritise opportunity, access, validation and healing, and together we make access to therapy sessions possible.

Focusing on global tree planting projects to help restore forests after fires and floods, One Tree Planted creates jobs, builds communities, and works to protect the habitat for local wildlife. Princess Polly helps to plant trees to regenerate areas damaged by the California fires.

Stepping Stone House is an Australian charity that provides long term care for young people at risk of, or experiencing homelessness so they can begin to heal, build resilience, create connections and become the very best they can be. We are partnering with Stepping Stone House to employ an Aboriginal Manager for their recently opened home dedicated to creating a culturally safe space for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

My Friend’s Place is a Los Angeles-based charity that provides important services to youth between the ages of 12 and 25 who are experiencing homelessness. Princess Polly supports their Safe Haven program, which is accessed approximately 16,000 times per year, and provides a safe space and basic needs including shelter, food, showers, clothing, communications and transportation.

Thread Together collects unused clothing and provides it to people in need with dignity and without judgement. Together we are building beautiful and functional wardrobes in crisis centres such as women’s or youth shelters, and responding to the needs of Australians impacted by flooding

Born this Way supports the mental health of young people in the LGBTQIA+ community and works with them to build a kinder and braver world.

Our Equality & Community Roadmap

What we’ve achieved so far:

  • Launched Princess Polly Curve and Tall & Petite
  • Donated $1,130,000 to our charity partners since 2020
  • Kicking goals with our employee-led Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging committee

By 2024:

  • Assess where our products aren’t meeting the needs of all people and create a more inclusive assortment year on year

By 2025:

  • Be an industry leader in inclusive hiring, outstanding employee experiences, employment pathways and representation at every level
  • Donate and help to raise $2,000,000 over the past 4 years for charities that support mind & body, equality and the environment